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Merging x75 with x50 and New Year's events

All characters from the x75 server were transferred to x50 on 12/30/2022. The merger was successful!

New Year's events launched - collect a Christmas tree and send a snowman
If you put a big Christmas tree, then everyone who is nearby will receive a buff that increases all rates by 25%
New Year's sock buff from the NPC Santa Claus can be received once every 12 hours

Happy New Year everyone!

Promotions for players

Reminder about our promotions

Daily draws in VK and Telegram
Every day we draw nice bonuses
Public in telegram -
Public in VK -
Subscribe, follow daily updates and get prizes!

Bonus for clans
1.  From 7 people: 11level, 200k clan reputation, 30 Blood Oath, 2 Blood Alliance.
2.  From 15 people: level 11, 400k clan reputation, 60 Blood Oath, 4 Blood Alliance.
3.  From 20 people: level 11, 600k clan reputation, 80 Blood Oath, 6 Blood Alliance.

Bonus for streamers
For 2-4 hours of streaming you will get 100CoL
For a Streaming that lasts more than 4 hours, you get 200CoL

Bonuses for voting in MMOTOP
 | 5-25kk | 100%
Giant's Code  | 5-10 pcs | 90%
Top-grade Life Stone - Level 86  | 1-5 pieces | 80%
Giant's Codex - Mastery  | 1-5 pieces | 60%
Blessed Olf's T-shirt Enchant Scroll  | 1-3 pcs | fifty%
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Armor (S-grade)  | 1 piece | ten%
Blessed Scroll: Enchant Weapon (S-grade)  | 1 piece | 5%
Coin of Luck  | 1-50 pcs | 3%

Bonus when buying Coin of Luck
300-499 CoL bonus +3%
500-999 CoL bonus +5%
1000-4999 CoL bonus +10%
5000-10000 CoL bonus +15%

Buying CoL on a master account is available now. Go to purchase

We wish you all a successful and productive start

The server High-Five x75 is in the OBT stage

We are happy to report that everything is going according to plan.
Launched open beta testing and debugging
Everyone can enter the game. Available OBT services, shop
You only need to register and  download the patch.


This topic will deal with bugs, suggestions and wishes

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